2150 launches with $240m fund to reduce the carbon footprint of the world’s growing cities

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A new VC fund, “2150”, is launching with the first close of a €200m ($240m) fund which will back technologies aimed largely at reducing the carbon footprint of cities.


With the first closing of a EUR 200 m ($240 m) fund, a new VC fund, ‘2150’, is launched that will support technologies aimed primarily at reducing the carbon footprint of cities 2150 is based on the idea that half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050 this will increase to two thirds. This will concentrate on start-ups that can make cities more resilient, effective and sustainable. The fund’s first investment is in CarbonCure Technologies, a Canadian company which reduces the concrete CO2 footprint. Specifically, it currently accounts for 8% of all global CO2 emissions.

It states that it will only invest where the impact of sustainability can be measured, aiming at a first portfolio of around 20 businesses The final closure of the fund is expected by mid-2021, and ticket sizes for start-ups will be EUR 4-5 million Series A, but will also be invested in existing companies that want to expand. The anchor funding came from NREP, a manager of a sustainable real estate fund with a large Northern European footprint and platform. In the next 80 years, two billion new homes will need to be built. 13% of global GDP is spent on construction, but new technology is being slowly adopted by the industry. Cities currently emit 70 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases and produce the vast majority of the world’s waste.

The UN has said that ground-breaking innovation is necessary in cities where “won or lost” will be the fight for sustainable development. The 2150 Advisory Board comprises technologists, scientists and designers, including renowned architect Bjarke Ingels and the Director of the Andlinger Energy and Environment Center of Princeton, Dr. Lynn Loo, Lynn Loo . #Robert #Downey Jr is the #leader of the #investment fund, the Footprint Coalition, which will try to spot green #technology companies.

Real estate technology company Side has raised $150 million in Series D funding.


Side, a real estate technology company, has received a $150 million Series D investment. The amount raised is significantly higher than the $35 million raised in a Series C round by Side in November of this year. Over $15 billion in annual production volume is represented by the company’s community of agent partners. Side’s white label model collaborates with agents and teams to market their boutique brands and businesses exclusively. According to CEO Guy Gal, the goal is to assist partner agents in “predictably growing” their businesses and increasing productivity.

Side’s valuation has now reached $1 billion, and the company has raised over $200 million in total funding since its inception in 2017. In 2020, the startup made between $30 million and $50 million in revenue, and it expects to double that amount this year. In 2019, Side’s partners collectively represented over $5 billion in annual home sales. According to the company’s estimates, it has a network of agents representing more than $10 billion in sales volume. Guy Gal, Edward Wu, and Hilary Saunders founded Side with the belief that most real estate agents are “underserved and underappreciated.” Today, Side supports over 1,500 partner agents throughout California, Texas, and Florida.

The startup intends to use its new funds to make “significant hiring” and expand. It also intends to hire another 200 people, bringing the total number of employees to over 300. The premier “how-to” event for startup entrepreneurs and investors, Early Stage is held every year. We’ll go over everything you need to know about starting a business, including fundraising, recruiting, sales, product market fit, public relations, marketing, and brand building. The Footprint Coalition, led by #Robert #Downey Jr, is a #investment fund that will try to identify green #technology businesses.

Loft announces $425 million in Series D funding led by New York-based D1 Capital Partners.


Loft has received $425 million in Series D funding from D1 Capital Partners, a New York-based firm. Loft now has a market capitalization of $2.2 billion, up from $175 million in its Series C funding in January 2020. According to Mate Pencz, co-founder and co-CEO of Loft, the number of listings on the site will have increased “10 to 15 times” by 2020. More than 13,000 property listings are maintained by the company in approximately 130 regions across So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and it works with more than 30,000 brokers. It was established in Latin America just over three years ago and has experienced rapid growth in recent months.

Brazil, in particular, has experienced a maturing startup scene, with more people opting to buy rather than rent in the country. Return to the home page of Mail Online return to the previous page; return to the home buying and selling page; return to the previous page; return to the previous page; return to the previous page; return to the previous page; return to the previous page; return to On October 17, 2013, CNN Living republished the article Loft raised $425 million in Series C funding. Loft, a Brazilian real estate technology company, has raised more than $700 million in funding, according to CNN Living.

Insurance, mortgage, and rental services have all been added to the company’s offerings. It intends to use some of its new funds to expand throughout Brazil, as well as throughout Latin America and beyond. In addition, the company intends to look into more M&A opportunities in the region and around the world. Loft’s two co-CEOs are now the company’s co-founders and co-CEOs. Return to the home page of Mail Online

returning you to the previous page Back to the previous page: Loft’s latest funding round and what’s next for the company, as well as how to keep up with the latest news on Loft and other real estate start-ups in the United States Latin America and the Caribbean Loft has now raised a total of $700 million through this latest round of funding. Back to the Mail Online home page. TechCrunch’s latest real estate startup news is sponsored by: TechCrunch, the online real estate e-tailer. D1 Capital’s Dan Sundheim: “We were particularly impressed by the team’s focus and relentless execution” a16z’s Alex Rampell: “Loft started out as an iBuyer but now has a vibrant marketplace as well”

The round values Loft at $2.2 billion, a huge jump from its $175 million Series C funding in January 2020.


The Footprint Coalition, led by #Robert #Downey Jr, is a #investment fund that will try to identify green #technology businesses.

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